Pranav Varma is a student, doing his 11th standard in Loyola School, Thiruvanathapuram. He takes a lot of interest in quizzing and science, loves reading Richard Feyman's books. He blogs at '' and is named Nellikka. Here is an article from his blog, titled Ohh yeah...

Ohh yeah...
“What will I do man??”
“When will you start studying?”
“After an hour!! What about u??”
“Me too..”
“Gotta go.. Somebody is callin in my mobile” [Although nobody was calling!!]
Nobody was calling.. I just wanted 2 be free from Hindi freaking exam thoughts..[I didn't want to get pissed off imagining the results]
Soon I went out from my home 4 a relief… When I reached home my mother told that samir called me and told that there will be no school tomorrow..
Instead of calling him I called Viju.. [as he knows probably all current affairs happening in my school]
I asked him “what hapened??Why there is no school tomorrow??”
He replied” Our secretary sir [Gopalaraman Sir] had passed away due to heart failure!!”
“Ohh.. what happened?”
“Heart failure.. I think so”
“How much did he age??”
“Almost 90″
I was thinking “What the hell dude?? Working still in 90 years.. Man this person is a workaholic”
I asked “Will there be school tomorrow?
I thanked god many times before he finished the conversation… I didn’t listen to what he said after..
I was feeling very happy..[not due 2 the death of gopalaraman sir]
“Ohh yeah..I have to rock this evening!!”
Logged into facebook..and had a chat with Mr.Anirudh Sanjeev a Programmer cum Blogger..
I almost enjoyed every moment of that evening!!
When I went to bed :
“Ohh man… Maths exam on Friday :( .. will get really pissed!!!!!!”